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Airlive Communications, Inc, is an experienced provider of broadband wireless network technology and complete end-to-end wireless backhaul solution in the Philippines.
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Airlive Communications, Inc., established in September 2009, is an internet service provider that caters to SME’s and enterprises, utilizing wired, wireless, and satellite transport facilities.

Attributing to its lean and nimble organization, it is able to provision internet services in as little as 48 hours; and flexible enough to deviate from industry standards, i.e., accommodating subscriptions only in months, and in some cases in weeks.

Meeting standard SLA of 99.5% network uptime guarantee, and supported by its 24/7 technical team round the clock, Airlive has gained customer satisfaction even from its most stringent corporate clients, which include the very demanding BPO’s, to multi-site logistics companies, and to the ever-changing construction and real estate industry, to name a few.

Through the years, it has built its own wired facilities in some commercial buildings in the CBD areas, established partnerships and network-to-network interfaces with other providers, further expanding its reach across the country.

Airlive boasts of its robust and redundant network topology that utilize cable landing stations (CLS) and subsea cable systems that major telecommunication companies employ.



Hear What Our Customers Are Saying
We have been extremely happy with Airlive services, dating back to the past 10 years. Airlive is able to provide timely services whether service required is only for an event, for far flung areas, small or large bandwidth capacity. We can always count on Airlive to deliver its services professionally and promptly.


IT Manager
The construction industry is very competitive, and we need internet service providers that can meet our demanding requirements in terms of durability, reliability and timeliness of service provisioning. Thankfully, Airlive is there to support our projects – finished, or even those still work-in-progress.


IT Specialist
DDT Konstract, Inc.
Our brand has always been known for its quality and precision engineering, and we have likewise expected the same from our suppliers and service providers. Airlive fits that role because of its timely implementation, flexibility and professional business practices. As we continue to expand our dealership network across the country, we are confident that we can rely on our existing partners.


IT Head
Lexus Manila, Inc.

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