Frequently Asked Questions

Fixed Wireless Broadband is a method of delivering high-speed data via a microwave (wireless) connection between two fixed points. Airlive through its partnership with Click owns and operates the independent wireless broadband network in Mega Manila. All IP traffic is transported over our own wireless network, utilizing high-capacity microwave technology end-to-end.

Our service is installed using a microwave transceiver on the roof of your building. Some installation were indoor and signal passes through the building window. Airlive then extends an Ethernet CAT 5e network cable from this transceiver down to your premises for connectivity into your network.
Our technology uses a fixed beam or transmission from one radio to another. This is different than wireless technologies that support mobile phones, which can lose connectivity when moving from cell site to cell site. Fixed wireless is as reliable as any comparable technology, which enables Airlive to deliver 99.9% uptime.
Airlive provides our customers with dedicated connections that offer speeds of 1 Mbps (megabit per second) to 1 Gigabit*.
Yes; you can simply give Airlive a call, and we can upgrade your connection instantly or within 24hours.
The install interval for fixed wireless is within 24hours to 48hours * based on the customer having roof and riser access. Airlive Fixed Wireless Broadband is a 100% owned infrastructure, allowing us to control the install intervals and install quickly.
We cover the Mega Manila area. Please contact a local Airlive representative for service availability and coverage area updates.
With our commercial service, there’s no limit on how many computers you can connect to the system. For more help sizing your network, contact your local Airlive representative.
Fixed Wireless Broadband was designed with multiple computer connections in mind. Airlive’s service is symmetrical (same upload as download), which provides a reliable Internet computing environment.
Airlive’s network is designed to withstand the effect of weather on RF signals and is backed by a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).
No. Fixed wireless only transmits a few miles versus into space like a satellite service, even though the installation looks similar and employs a small antenna on the roof.
We hand over an FE interface to your network. All you will need to connect to our service is a firewall or router to secure your own network. The equipment and cables necessary to bring the connection into your building are provided by Airlive.
Airlive’s fixed wireless network provides over-the-air encryption, which cryptographically scrambles the data bits, preventing anyone “listening” to the airwaves from deciphering any messages. In fact, our over-the-air link may be the most secure leg of a user’s Internet connection, even more so than a wired provider’s network.
As a service provider, we include a static IP address with every account. Static IPs are necessary to run VPNs and many Internet-based services. Customers may request additional IP addresses as needed.
You can run any number of servers through the fixed wireless Internet service.
Airlive offers no long contracts terms. We are open to a one (1) month to three (3) months terms with discounts for the longer term contracts.
Airlive utilizes both LOS (line-of-sight) and NLOS (near or non-line-of-sight) technologies within our network. Line-of-sight applications require that the subscriber's antenna be able to "see" the tower antenna. Airlive has deployed several towers in Mega Manila to enhance our coverage area. Many of Airlive towers employ OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technology. There are several advantages to OFDM, one of which being the ability to operate in a NLOS manner. In the event a building or other obstruction is blocking a direct signal to the tower, OFDM allows the signal to "bounce" off other buildings or obstructions to reach the antenna.
Most references to the interference issues are the result of poor network deployment, improper placement of antennas, and frequency channel selection. The subscriber units put out a very low power signal and as such are not likely to interfere with other devices. Wireless system providers are also required by the NTC not to cause interference with other wireless providers.
Call us on the number below! We would be happy to verify our coverage capability of your address.

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*Subject to availability. Install time and speed availability may vary by address. Airlive cannot guarantee speeds or uninterrupted, error-free service. Other conditions may apply. Subject to Airlive Terms and Conditions.